Ministry In China!

God never ceases to amaze me! He continues to open the doors for me to minister in many countries around the world! What a great time of ministry while I was in China in July of 2011. I was up north first – in the city of Shenyang, which is east of Beijing and just west of the North Korean border. You might imagine that the devil is doing his best to keep the Word of God out of there, but he is losing the battle! I was able to meet up with several awesome Christian people who are about their Father’s business there.
After Shenyang I went way south to the island of Macau. Macau has more gambling casinos than anywhere else in the world, including Las Vegas & Atlantic City – literally billions of dollars worth of buildings! I was told that the construction of one casino had to be halted for awhile because they were 2 billions dollars short! Of course that kind of activity tends to bring in other negative activities, so it needs as much ministry as it can get! There are some wonderful Christian people there, though, that are sharing the love of God with as many people as possible!
Please be praying for the Christians in China – there is a lot of potential persecution for Christians in China. Pray for their protection and provision, and that God would arrange many divine appointments for them to share the Good News!

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