What a great opportunity! God has opened the door for me to teach and minister in Albania & Kosovo. This is especially amazing because Albania was actually the first country in the world to officially declare themselves as atheist – of course now they are mostly muslim. I ask for your special prayers & support for this ministry – I am still praying for God’s will about having my radio programs being broadcast in Albania (praying for the necessary finances.) As you know, I am currently broadcasting to over 13 million people in two countries (Turkey & Iraq) in 4 languages (Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic & English) every week. I am hoping to expand the radio broadcasts into several other countries that desperately need to hear the Truth of the Word of God.
I ask you to please pray about being a monthly prayer & financial support partner with this ministry – the radio programs are very costly to broadcast & I cannot do it without the support of wonderful people like you. One hundred percent of your financial gifts go toward sharing the Word of God in some of the most spiritually challenging countries of the world. Just click on the “Donate” button to help change the world for the glory of Christ!

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