Ministry History

I served as an independent, full-time missionary to the West Indies over a 14 year span of time. Before then I did short mission trips to that area over an additional six year time period. Here is a summary of my other ministry experience:

1981 – 1986: Served as Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, and then Senior Pastor of several United Methodist churches in rural Oklahoma. The churches were small and so the pastoring positions were part-time.

1986 – 1988: Because of a significant change of ministry direction and style in my life, I felt God was leading me to transfer my ordination credentials to an independent, missions oriented ministry called Full Gospel Assemblies International. I have been ordained with them since May of 1985. God put a strong burden in my heart for the people of the West Indies after a trip to Puerto Rico with a friend in the summer of 1986. After that trip I began to go on several short-term mission trips each year to minister as much as I was able and to discern what God was wanting me to do as a result of the burden He had given me. I also became a volunteer Youth Pastor for Calvary Assembly of God in Stillwater, Oklahoma, during that time period.

1988 – 1991: A career advancement made a move necessary – to Tulsa, Oklahoma, which resulted in me becoming an active member of the Broken Arrow Assembly of God in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. During that time I served in many different leadership positions. I taught middle school and high school Sunday School classes and was the High School Fellowship group leader. I was a speaker and/or counselor in summer camps, retreats, Youth Conventions, and Discipleship camps.

I provided leadership for such activities as the Aimfest Olympics Outreach team, youth rallies, Grad Nights, street ministry, praise & worship, sports activities, and numerous other events. I also coached the church youth basketball team for several years and was a member of the adult Sanctuary Choir. I also consulted regularly with the Director of the church’s school on several family and behavioral challenges concerning their students.

1991 – 2000: God spoke very clearly to me that He wanted me to become a full-time missionary to the West Indies. To fulfill that call, I moved and established my ministry in Puerto Rico. I saw an unmet need for youth ministry activities so, after a great deal of prayer, felt led to commit myself to work with local Pastors to recruit and train people to meet that need. I started several English and Spanish speaking youth groups which are still going strong today, preached, taught, and ministered in many churches, jails, prisons, Teen Challenge facilities, and held regular youth camps and retreats.

I went to Puerto Rico as an independent missionary (what I call a Philippians 4:13-19 tent-maker missionary) unattached to any particular denomination, and without any consistent support from any organizations or individuals. That was definitely the more challenging way to go on long-term full-time missions, but I trusted God to meet my needs and He has always proven Himself faithful. I have taught and preached to adults and youth in churches, camps, retreats, and schools from many different denominations all over the United States and West Indies.

I was Senior Pastor of The Palmas Community Church in Palmas Del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico from 1994-2000.

I also founded the Christian Workers Institute, for which I wrote the curriculum and taught the classes on various ministry issues including Leadership Dynamics, Youth Ministry, Family Ministry, Responding to non-Christian religions, etc. I also was the Chairman of the Bible Department, and taught High School Bible classes, at a local Pre-Pre Kinder through twelfth grade Christian school called Wesleyan Academy in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, for eight years. During much of that time I also hosted an hour-long live youth call-in show called “Real Life” each Saturday night on an English speaking Christian radio station that had a potential audience of over two million people in the West Indies.

I was also the Caribbean Director of the International organization called Alpha-Omega Research Institute, which has the following purposes: 1. To research subjects relating to Theology & Christian Apologetics, and to educate people on such topics as cults, the occult, comparative religions, aberrant religious movements, eschatology, and general Christian apologetics. 2. To conduct various evangelistic ministry activities which have the goal of bringing people from various religious and philosophical backgrounds to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. 3. To assist evangelical pastors and churches in the awareness of cults & spiritual error. 4. Provide pulpit fill in the absence of pastors.

I began to sense that God was calling me back to my home state and city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for a season. Through much prayer and listening to God, it began to be clear to me that He wanted me back in Iowa for two distinct purposes: to minister to my family and to help build a church. At the time I did not know the details but set about to be obedient and to follow the leading of God.

May 2005 to Present: After just a short time in Iowa God opened the door for me to expand my ministry around the world. I was invited to become Behavioral Medicine Faculty for the In His Image Family Medicine Residency Program – an amazing ministry that trains medical doctors how to be godly Family Physicians, treating the whole person – Spirit, Soul and Body. When our doctors graduate they are Doctors with the Family Physician specialty. They are also ordained to minister the Word of God through medicine around the world. Many of our graduates are now full-time missionary doctors in countries all around the world.

God has made it possible for me to minister in many countries around the world, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Kazakhstan, India, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Papua New Guinea, The West Indies, etc. etc. You will also see on this site how God has opened up Turkey and Iraq for me to have daily radio programs on stations that have a combined potential listening audience of over six million people! I am currently praying about expanding the radio ministry into several other countries.

I am also privileged to serve as Associate Pastor of Hope Christian Ministries in Broken Arrow. God has blessed me in so many ways & I am thrilled to be able to serve Him wherever I am at the time!

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