iraq2009God is doing great things through JSL Ministries! We continue to respond to God’s call all around the world. We are especially excited about what God is doing through the radio ministry of JSL Ministries, Inc. 

I invite you to be excited with us as we minister by radio Ankara, Turkey and Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. It is nothing short of a miracle that we now have a daily radio program in two countries which are almost totally Muslim. The broadcasts go out to a total potential audience of over ten million people! (10,000,000) Only God could make such an opportunity available! I record the 15 minute broadcasts here in Oklahoma and then send them to Turkey and Iraq by internet. In Turkey the shows are broadcast both in English and in Turkish, and broadcast in Kurdish in Iraq. These programs are broadcast in two countries where the Christian message of salvation and freedom in Christ are not welcome messages. The radio stations often receive horrible threats of bodily harm – I ask you to pray for their safety, and that the Word of God would be heard and accepted by many.

I invite you to go to my Facebook page (Joel S. Leitch) to see pictures of me ministering in person and by radio in both Turkey and Iraq. The Spirit of the Lord is beginning to move in ways that would not have been allowed in Iraq just a few years ago. Pastor Joel now teaches and ministers to millions of people in both Turkey and Iraq. Pray that God will open the hearts of the people to receive the news of real freedom in Christ!

turkey_1Remember that we can only continue the radio ministry if people will help through their prayers and finances. Just push the “Donate” button to be a part of the amazing ministry opportunities that God has opened up to JSL Ministries, Inc. Read the ‘JSL Global Radio Ministry’ section of this website for more detail.


The JSL Ministries daily radio program in Turkey needs regular funding to stay on the air: approximately $35.00 air time in each language, plus $35.00 a day for translation into a different language, and then $25.00 reading charge. Could you commit to sponsoring one show a month? A part of one show a month? More than one show a month? Your partnership with JSL Ministries will make a difference for the glory of God in the world!

That the world might be saved!
Pastor Joel

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